XrmToolBox plugins

When developing solutions in Dynamics CRM, one of the must-have tools is the free tool called XrmToolBox. XrmToolBox is a tool that helps you administer, customise and configure your Dynamics CRM environment through the more than 30 extensions build and maintained by CRM developers all around the world. Download the tool at http://www.xrmtoolbox.com/ .

Record Opener Plugin

Open Records Using GUID – XrmToolBox Plugin by Tomas Schulkes

Currently I have built 1 XrmToolBox plugin,

which is the Open Records using GUID plugin. Often, as developers, we come across error messages with a record GUID and a logical name or a Entity Type Code. Instead of opening a random record of the same entity type, and then manually manipulating the URL to paste the GUID and find your record, you can use this tool to save yourself some time!

open records by guid plugin

You can download the plugin through XrmToolBox as a nuget package. For reference, the package is located at: https://www.nuget.org/packages/XrmToolbox.TomasSchulkes.RecordOpenerPlugin/


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